Tuna Bacon Nori Wrap

Seaweed Wrap 


Produces 2 Servings


2 sheets               Nori

1/2 can                Tuna

1 clove                 Garlic

2 strips                Bacon

1 handful            Pea Shoots




This is not really a recipe, because you can put anything you want into your sheets of nori. Any sandwich that you can think of can be made with seaweed instead of bread... any sandwich except for grilled cheese. I really have never tried to make grilled cheese seaweed. I guess that will be an experiment for another day. Today I felt like having a Tuna Bacon Wrap. Here is what I did: 


  1. Place a a sheet of nori onto a sushi mat. If you don't have a sushi mat, just place your nori on a plate.

  2. In a small bowl mix a half a can of tuna and some crushed garlic.

  3. Spread half of the tuna mix on the short edge of the nori.

  4. Place a cooked strip of bacon on top.

  5. Layer half of your pea shoots on top or right next to the bacon.

  6. Roll the nori in the sushi mat, making a tighly wrapped cylinder. When you are an inch away from reaching the other side of your nori sheet, wet your finger with water and wet the edge of the nori so that when you finish rolling, your wrap will stick together. If you don't have a sushi mat, be creative and fold your sheet of nori into a pocket (i.e. fold the nori in half and then fold the edges inward, wetting the edges so that they will sick together)

  7. Repeat steps 3-6 to create a second wrap.

  8. If you have made a sushi roll, use a sharp knife to cut your sushi into bite sized pieces. 

  9. I serve my little wraps with red pepper on the side and I enjoy eating my creation with chop sticks.

  10. Play around with different combinations of fillings. The possibilities are endless. Have fun!