Snack Attack: Kid-Friendly Apple Bowls

I read an article the other day that had the age old saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” It got me thinking. Do people even say that anymore? When I was a kid, I heard it all the time. Even though I was never taught exactly how the apple would keep the doctor away, at least it planted the seed in my mind that it was important to eat an apple, everyday. As a teacher, I am in schools constantly and from preschool to elementary school, whenever I visit the cafeteria, I am always concerned with the lack of fresh fruits and vegetables in children’s lunches. There is definitely no lack of crackers, cookies and salty snacks, but where-oh-where are the apples, or any other fruit for that matter? I whole heartedly believe that is time to bring back the “apple a day” motto! Are you with me?!

In case you are curious, here are a handful of reasons why apples should make there way back into your child’s lunch bag. (There are actually hundreds of reasons to add apples to your menu, but here are three great reasons to get you started😉)

  1. High Fiber Content

We all already know this. Fruit = High Fiber. Duh. But how many of us are making it a habit to eat fresh fruit daily? Very few, right? How many of us complain about our children’s chronic constipation and irregularity? Well here's a suggestion to help alleviate this all to common problem. Chop up an apple and stick it in your child’s snack bag. It’s a great first step, to address this issue.

2. Packed with Minerals

Who needs a multivitamin when an apple contains the iron, zinc, copper, manganese, potassium etc. that are the trace minerals that our bodies require for properly oxygenated blood, increased metabolism and a host of other health benefits that increase our overall well-being.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

Apples clean our body from the inside out. Apples contain the antioxidants that support our body’s natural detoxification systems, while supporting cell rejuvenation.

Need a Few More Reasons?

Of course apples are also packed with vitamins. They prevent diseases like skin cancer, alzheimer’s, asthma, diabetes etc. They help our skin to glow. They protect us from inflammatory conditions and the list goes on and on. Who wouldn’t want that for their kids, or for themselves, for that matter?! So, it just makes sense to incorporate apples into our weekly menu.

Now, it is time to make it fun for the kids!

Let's make Apple Bowls :)

I love apple bowls 😋 Fill them with whatever you like and then watch your children eat the snack and then devour the bowls when they are done. This week, I filled my bowl with cantaloupe, honeydew and dark chocolate bears.

Here’s how to do it:

1- Take a bar of your favorite dark chocolate. Melt it on a low heat in a small sauce pan.

2- Fill in a silicon bear mold and place it in the fridge to harden.

[click the image below to see the bear mold that I got on Amazon]

3- Wash and dry your apples.

4- Cut off the first half inch portion of your apple.

5- Insert your apple corer into the center of the apple to separate the seeds and core of the apple, from the rest of the fruit. Do not pierce the apple all the way through. Leave a 1/4 inch at the base, to serve as the bottom of your bowl.

[click the image below to see the apple corer that I got on Amazon]

6- Use your melon baller, to scoop out the apple core first. Discard the core, and then scoop out the remaining fruit from the apple skin. Always leave approximately a 1/4” of fruit along the skin to help your bowl maintain it’s shape. Save the fruit that you have scooped out of your bowl for snacking on or to add to another fruit salad.

7- Dip each apple into a salt and water solution (1/8 tsp for every cup of water) to prevent your apple bowl from browning.

8- Set your apples aside.

9- Use your mini melon baller to ball your cantaloupe and honeydew melon. Mix the melon balls together and scoop them into your apple bowl.

9- Pop your chocolate bears out of the silicon mold and add four or five to each apple bowl and serve to the kiddies.



Hey Mama,

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I Understand.

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