So Kim, What Are You Up To?

A lot of my friends and family ask me about my work…

So Kim, what are you up to lately?

I always get excited to explain, because my work is truly my passion. Unfortunately, the reactions to my explanations are not what I expected they would be.

Oh. You teach a health program? To kids... Don’t they do that in school? You teach health to preschoolers?! Aren’t they too young to understand the topics you're teaching?

Basically the consensus is the same, “Health…Really?”

I get the sneaking suspicion that people don’t think that being healthy can be enjoyable for kids. Come on! Who doesn’t like broccoli?! Am I right? AM I RIGHT?! Anyone…. [Insert cricket sounds]. When you are competing in a world of Chips Ahoy Cookies, Carvel Ice Cream, and Ring Pops, I get it, it's hard to convince people that children can get just as excited about strawberries - but they can. Kids will get excited about their health when they have the right information, modeling and encouragement. Really! I know it is hard to envision a program like mine, that is not mainstream yet, but the Holistic Kids Program strives to do just that. Holistic Kids makes Holistic Health Education exciting and fun!

Although, I do believe that the day is coming when Whole Body Health Education will be the norm, people have trouble understanding my program, until they actually see it in action. I don’t just teach health. I teach Holistic Health. My children don’t just talk about health topics, they get involved in multi-sensory lessons that help them to embody the principles that their health is invaluable. They learn that they are not just their bodies, but they are made up of three interconnected parts, a mind, a body and a spirit, and they learn that when they take care of all three of the parts that make up who they are, they gain the greatest sense of well-being.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, Kim… You’re teaching kids about spirit? Isn’t that a little risky?! Do you get into religion?

My answer to these questions is that my program is absolutely NOT a religious class. Children in my program learn about their spirit as they would any part of their body, or any other obvious part of themselves. They are told that their spirit is where their joy resides. When children engage in activities, thoughts and actions that bring them joy, there is no doubt that they are increasing their well-being. They are caring for their spirit. It is that simple.

Ok. Sounds safe enough. Tell me more…

Each of these three parts of ourselves requires a specific type of care. Just as our health would deteriorate quickly if we didn’t eat, drink or sleep, so too would our health be affected by feelings of stress, social isolation, low self esteem, and so much more… So that is why I have made it my mission to help children grow up learning about the mind, body, spirit connection, and to find fun and engaging ways to help them enhance their health.

How does it work?

Holistic Kids teaches children to honor all parts of themselves by eating healthy foods, exercising, sleeping, playing, learning/being mindful, and loving themselves and others. With these 6 principles I believe that children really do gain the tools they need to tackle any challenge that may come their way. Learning these principles teaches children to know how to care for themselves, interact with others, and create a healthy body which is the vehicle that allows them to physically be able to do anything that they put their minds to. Holistic Kids raises unstoppable children, who are confident, strong and empathetic. Now, who wouldn't want that?

I have tried to get my child to eat healthy, Kim. It just doesn’t work.

In school, kids are taught to eat their fruits and vegetables and then during school mealtimes, the foods that are highlighted are the pizza, bread, chips, cookies and all of the other foods that are low in nutrients, constipate our kids, and set them up early for the food craving/food addiction rollercoaster, that so many adults know all too well. Talking about eating healthy is all well and good, but children need to be presented with, and expected to eat, the healthy foods choices on a regular basis. In my program, children are given the opportunity to try a new healthy snack, each lesson. This healthy snack time has become one of the most treasured features of Holistic Kids, as parents report that their children become more adventurous eaters after attending my program.

I am blessed to say that adventurous eating is not the only feedback, of the positive changes that my program is making. It is helping getting children excited about their health. They tell me that their children look forward to my class each week and that they talk nonstop about the activities that they have participated in. I myself have accumulated dozens of photos of kids happily devouring fruit and veggie plates and I am continuously amazed by the children who get excited to see me, just so that they can tell me about the healthy snack they ate that day, or the night before. Too cute! Children love learning about themselves. They love learning to take care of themselves. So it is only natural that they would love Holistic Kids Class, with Miss Kim :)

Don’t get me wrong I know what it is like to get children to eat healthy foods at home. The struggled is REAL. I don’t want to minimize that. But I just want to let you know that I am here to help you. I am here to support both you and your child on your health journey. Deep down we all know what is good for us, but sometimes it is hard to bring it to reality. Let’s do it together.

It is my mission in 2017, to tell more people about my Holistic Kids Program. The program is making a difference in many children’s lives but it could help so many more. I have a dream that I can help people feel optimum health, happiness and wellbeing. My only obstacle now is getting the word out to people who are looking for support in raising unstoppable Holistic Kids.

If you would be interested in trying the Holistic Kids Program with your little one, free of charge, please click on the link below to find out about our upcoming events:

Or click here to learn more about the Holistic Kids Program

Here is to a year of health and happiness in 2017!

See you soon!



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