10 Superfoods to Disease-Proof Your Children

Greek physician Hippocrates also known as the "Father of Western Medicine," once said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ​I love this idea of treating food as medicine, and in the last two years that is exactly the philosophy that I have kept in my home. Food makes up who we are. It is digested in our bodies and becomes our blood, our cells and our organs. It only makes sense that if we fill our bodies with crap, the building blocks that make up who we are will be weak and prone to disease. Of course the opposite stands true, as well. If we fill our body with nutrient rich whole foods, we can certainly expect that our bodies will be vital and strong. Even more remarkable, is that by eating in a way that supports good health, gives our bodies the tools that it needs to make repairs inside of us. If what we eat can actually promote healing we can see why Hippocrates described food as a form of medicine.

Dr. Joel Fuhrman is another strong believer in the healing powers of food. In his book “Disease-Proof Your Child,” he has done an amazing job of outlining possible ways to enhance children’s diet in a way that supports the immune system, prevents childhood illnesses and even potentially preventing future illnesses such as various types of common adult cancers.

Here are 10 Super Foods that Dr. Fuhrman Recommends to Boost Children's Immunity:

  • Avocados - Are rich in healthy fatty acids and anti-oxidants. They lower cholesterol and they fight cancer.

  • Blueberries/Blackberries - Are filled with phytonutrients that protect mental health and also prevent cancer.

  • Cantaloupes - Are full of vitamin C, beta-carotene, folate, potassium, fiber, and many more immune boosting nutrients.

  • Carrots/Beets - Contain nutrients which prevent cell mutation and protect against cancer.

  • Flax Seeds - Contain healthy fatty acids, such as omega 3s, and has a positive affect on cholesterol levels, constipation, cancer and heart disease.

  • Green Lettuce - Contains tons of phytonutrients, plant proteins, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

  • Kale - Similar to lettuce, kale is also packed with nutrients, and has strong cancer fighting properties.

  • Sesame Seeds - Dr. Fuhrman describes this seed as one of the most mineral rich foods on the planet, containing calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, zinc, vitamins and fiber.

  • Strawberries - Are also nutrient rich and contain a good source of dietary fiber and potassium.

  • Tomatoes - Contains lycopene, which has been shown to dramatically reduce the incidence of prostate, breast, lung and colorectal cancers

If you try to incorporate a few of these foods into your family’s meal plans, you will be well on the way to decreasing their risk, and yours, of developing a variety of chronic and debilitating diseases.

Want to know how to cook with these ingredients? I recommend you get a copy of the“Disease-Proof Your Child,” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D. He gives plenty of fantastic ideas of how you can build a diet that is nutrient rich that your children will actually love.

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