Not Making Supper Tonight


It was one of those days. My to do list was a mile long, my phone was ringing off the hook and the last thing I wanted to do was make dinner. As I was driving home from my daughter's piano class this afternoon, we drove by a Pizza Hut. My mouth started watering because I remembered the days when I was obsessed with their supreme pizza and I couldn't help thinking how easy it would be to just grab one for dinner. I was starving! But I really didn't want to give into the temptation. Then I remembered a great organic burger joint in Hartsdale, called Bareburger and my choice for dinner became pretty obvious.So, I grabbed an order to go and I was able to have the convenience of fast food but it was guilt free.

Let me tell you just a few reason why Bareburger is a great choice when you are short on time and you are craving fast food. The Barebuger motto is that they serve organic because it is better for their customers, it is tastier and it is better for the planet. Whether you are a meat eater or not you will have the healthiest options of food that you love. Their food is cooked in non-GMO canola oil. Their cheese and dairy is organic, free from GMOs, produced from grass-fed cows and free from growth hormones. Their vegetables are organic and often locally grown and their meats are lean cuts of animals that were humanely raised. Whether it be their grass fed beef, cage free chickens or pasture raised lamb, their meats and poultry are natural and organic, as well as, hormone and antibiotic free.

Bareburger is also environmentally conscious. Their restaurant tabletops are built from felled trees from storms and reclaimed wood. The restaurant booths are made from recycled, post consumer vinyl and the ceilings are paneled with reclaimed tin siding from deconstructed barns. Their take out products are made from biodegradable materials, either plant resin or recycled paper products. Their devotion to use environmentally friendly product has only enhance the beauty, warmth, and welcoming feel of this restaurant.

As if this weren't enough the food at Bareburger is absolutely delicious! I have never ordered anything from Bareburger that I didn't like. Clean foods really do make a difference. I often have a hard time digesting restaurant food. It will either give me indigestion, make me incredibly sleepy, or just feel like a brick in my stomach that is not going anywhere. I never have this problem when I eat at Bareburger. The food tastes great and doesn't have those horrible side effects of your average fast food restaurant. Not only that but you get to customize your meals, they have gluten free and meat free options. For their burgers you get to decide what kind of meat is used whether is beef, turkey, chicken, bison etc. It seems like the choices are endless. So, even if you have food sensitivities or special dietary restrictions, chances are you will be able to find a meal that suites your needs.

I honestly can't say enough about this place and it is not just me other people can't get enough of Barburger either. From the first Bareburger which was opened in Astoria Queen in 2009, this restaurant is now a thriving franchise which has locations in New York, Philadelphia, Toronto, New Jersey, Connecticut and Ohio. Bareburger is definitely going to be my new spot when I can't or won't get into my kitchen to cook, for days like today. Tonight, I ordered the black bean burger on a lettuce bed with french fries and onion rings. I added some lactose-free cheese and some sprouted beans. It was totally yummy! My mission was accomplished. Dinner was served and I could move on to the next item on my to do list, completely full and satisfied.

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