Your Hidden Green Thumb

Often a kitchen full of fruits and vegetables can lead to scraps and waste that you wish you didn't have to throw into the garbage. Did you know your food scraps like the pit of your avocados the roots of your green onions, the tops of your pineapples and other parts remaining from your meals can be used and can actually be regrown in your kitchen. It's quick, it's fun and it is super easy. Don't think you have a green thumb? I'm telling you that this project is fool proof. Even the kids will want to get involves in preparing the scraps and tracking the growth of their little windowsill plants.

This week, I grew green onions and I couldn't believe how fast they grew. You can see the steps involved in growing these delicious veggies and track the progress of the growth in the pictures below.

1. I took the organic green onions that I bought at Trader Joes and I cut them about 2 inches above the root.

green onions.jpg

2. I placed the roots in a cup of water.

Green onions in water.jpg

3. After only 3 days, this is what it looked like.

after 3 days.jpg

4. The growth after a week was amazing!

one week.jpg

5. I cut the onion stems that I wanted for my recipe and left the roots to regrow for next weeks cooking.

stuffed bell pepper.jpg

Tonight I was able to make my veggie stuffed peppers. My husband actually rated them as finger licking good! To get the recipe, visit the Wholesome Recipe Lookbook at: Try it out and comment below =)

#windowsillgardening #stuffedredpeppers

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