My Daughter's Room Before and After

Although her room was a complete disaster, organizing my daughter's room actually turned out to be a lot of fun =) We went to IKEA, which is one of my favorite places to shop for furniture. I know what you're thinking... and despite the fact that IKEA furniture is not the most eco-friendly, I still think IKEA is a good option when you’re working on a small budget. They always have so many awesome ideas for setting up a space.

My daughter's room has serious storage issues. We live in an old house and her room doesn't even have a closet. So, you can understand my excitement when I found this cool pink nylon wardrobe. It gave me some much needed clothes, linen and toy storage. I was really happy to discover that I could use safety pins to hang my daughter's pictures to the outside of the wardrobe. It's great because I can finally reclaim the refrigerator from her piles of pictures and projects without sacrificing the display space for her artwork.

With a few bookshelves, storage bins, plants and painting, her room came together very nicely.

Hopefully, now we can both sleep a little better.

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