Online Courses


Take your health to the next level. If you want to delve deeper into topics such as digestive health and childhood illnesses, or if you just want to be a little more savy in the kitchen, sign up for a Whole Health Online Course. You will be provided with weekly modules which contain videos, readings and ativities that will help you learn and master the information for each topic. You will given quizzes to test your knowledge. Finally, you will have the support and guidance of an integrative nutrition health coach throughout the duration of the course you choose.  Upon the completion of the course requirements, you will be given a certificate of completion. Dates and availabilities are listed below.

Natural Living 101
Get Organized.Get Healthy


Learn how to get organized and create a home that supports a natural and healthy lifestyle. Learn how to orgainze your pantry. Learn how to find healthy food choices and read labels of products at the grocery store.  Discover the affects of chemical exposure on the body and learn how to choose chemical free household cleaners and beauty products to care for your home and your family.





Cure the Bloat
Gut Health For Beginners


A well functioning digestive system is crucial to a person's overall health. Many chronic diseases can be directly linked to digestive upset. In this course you will learn about caring for and maintaining a healthy digestive system. You will learn the connection between gut and the brain. You will be taught about the importance of probiotics and you will learn about digestive disorders such as intestinal permeability, food intolerance, celiac's disease.





No More Flare-ups
Intro to Eczema


Learn what eczema is and how it affects the body. Discover how to care for and manage eczema naturally.  Learn about eczemas various triggers. Become familiar with what an inflamatory response is and how to keep inflammation under control.  Make flare-ups a thing of the past. Discover your own healthy supple clear skin.




Managing Food Intolerance
Understanding Sensitivities


Learn the difference between food intolerance and food allergies. Become familiar with the symptoms of food intolerance. Discover what foods are triggering your symptoms. Learn how to manage your food intolerance.