Wholesome Recipe Look Book

Welcome to the recipe look book, where you will find healthy recipes for your meal planning. I hope that these recipes will provide you with an alternative to refined and processed foods, while filling your kitchen with delicious nutrient rich, real, whole foods.  You should note that I am not afraid of a diet full of good fats, like coconut oil, olive oil, organic butter from grass fed cows and ghee. I never use GMO canola oil, hydrogenated oils and vegetable oils, but I believe that healthy fats are essential body function. If you believe in low fat diets, some of my recipes may not be for you. The second thing that you will notice is that I believe in the healing power of vegetables. I love to find different ways to prepare my veggies so that I can fill my day with them. Third, you will notice that I limit the amount of grains I eat, not because I believe that they are intrinsically bad but because I just feel better when I have them in small amounts. I believe that foods are meant to be enjoyed. I love garlic! You will find it in most of my recipes. If you don't like it, simply omit it. Find the foods that you love and then eat them in their most natural and unprocessed form. So, what are you hungry for today? Browse through the images below, place the cursor on the pictures you like and click the link to open the recipe. Bon Appetite!