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Caring for the Whole Child

The Holistic Kids program is designed to help children, ages 3-10 years old develop lifetime healthy habits and promote a genuine sense of wellness. The program goes beyond nutrition education and teaches children to support both their body and mind with 6 simple practices. Join me to discover the secret to whole health for life.

What Will Your Children Will Gain from the Holistic Kids Program?

Holistic Health Education

The body and mind are made up of a series of interconnected parts. Holistic Kids teach children to take care of all of their parts so that they can be their most joyous and vibrant selves. Holistic Kids are mindful, healthy and raised to have a growth mindset.

Multi-Sensory Lessons

Children possess different learning styles. To ensure that each child in this program has the greatest chance to understand and retained what is taught in the Holistic Kids sessions, each lesson is designed to be multi-sensory. Through stories, hands-on activities, fitness games, and whole food snacks, children are given the opportunity to practice healthy habits.

Whole Food Snacks

Holistic Kids believe that one of the most important foundations of good health is healthy eating. During each lesson children are given the opportunity to try a whole food snack. Through conditioning techniques, even the most picky eaters become more adventurous with their food choices. 

Edible Food Gardening in the Spring

The spring season offers a wonderful opportunity for children to learn where their food comes from.  During the spring session all Holistic Kids lessons are taken outside (weather permitting) and the children experience first-hand how to create their very own edible garden. As we plant seeds, learn to compost, and explore the creatures outdoors, the children develop a greater appreciation for their connection to nature. As our seeds sprout, grow, and ripen,, the children are able to harvest and taste the fruits of their labor. The garden becomes a comforting a happy space for the children to visit. 

Kimberley Gregg, M.S.Ed.

Kimberley Gregg is a certified early childhood educator. Who has been working in the field of education for over 10 years in general and special education settings.  She has witnessed the effect of how proper education and a holistic approach to health can effect a child’s happiness, well being and potential. With her additional training at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, she has become certified as a holistic health coach. Her mission is to help children and families learn to live optimally. Participants in her programs learn to live more balanced lives and make choices that allow them to live in harmony with the rest of the planet.

What people 

   are saying!



My daughter always looked forward to the program every week and enjoyed the storytelling and making beautiful artwork, and learning about nutrition. I loved how my daughter was introduced to different food and flavors and thought about healthy eating and mindfulness, which will set her up for life. 


The program is excellent, engaging and perfectly adapted to capture the imaginations of young children while teaching them invaluable life skills. We are very grateful to Miss Kim! This is the kind of program I wish was available to me when I was a child. The younger one learns about health, mindfulness, and proper nutrition the better, as it is the foundation of a happy, healthy and prosperous life. 







My Children absolutely adore the program and truly enjoy all aspects of the activities and time spent with Ms. Kim. They always tell us all about the activities in class that day, which has often come up as the “best thing that happened” for the day. The breathing sticks, 5 senses, and Halloween activities were some of their favorites. 


What I liked most about this program was how thoughtfully integrated each lesson was and the emphasis on being kind, thoughtful, mindful and balanced beings. The activities were fun and there were great take-home points. 


I wish this program could be integrated into all day daycare! Have kids bring in fresh produce and integrate into the lunch preparation on a larger scale :)


This is a truly wonderful curriculum. I love Ms. Kim’s innovation and creativity.







My daughter loved Holistic Kids and told me it was her favorite class at Ann and Andy’s. She liked the projects. I loved the feedback on the sheets that were sent home each week with the projects!


My favorite part of the program was that my picky eater began trying new things and would talk about ways to be healthy. 






My daughter had a great time in Holistic Kids. She enjoyed doing new projects and even tasting new foods. She looked forward to going to the program every week - It made the day special for her. 







My daughter really enjoyed the class. It is always difficult to get her to tell me what she did during the day but using the posts on Facebook helps me guide the conversation. She spoke a lot about the stress balls and belly breathing. 


I loved that Ms. Kim exposed my daughter to new foods that she would never try for me at home. Even if she did not like everything, she tasted, she learned that she might like something if she tried.  All the concepts that Ms. Kim teaches are very important lessons.


Every project that you did is beautiful and ‘pinterest’ worthy.  The time and effort you put into the lesson shows and I love seeing it. 





I have had 2 daughters do Holistic Kids and they Loved it! Every Wednesday they would be so happy to see Miss Kim. It really helped my older Daughter to try new foods :)









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