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Health Professional Network


A Qualified Holistic Health Practitioner can be hard to find, but their guidance and expertise can be essential to the development and maintenance of your health. 


The Health Professional Network is designed to make your search for the right health professional a little easier.   Here you will find descriptions and profiles of various health and wellness services, as well as,  interviews with Holistic Health Professionals.  Here you will find medical doctors who practice functional medicine, naturopaths, chiroprators, accupuncturists, homeopaths and more. Through the profiles and information provided through our network you will have the tools to choose a health professional who is right for you.


In order to be a part of this network a practioner will have to have been in practice for a minimum of five years and have experience in family care. All of the professionals in our network have experience working with children. 


At this time we will be featuring health professionals that practice in the state of New York, as well as, professionals that provide remote consultations. 


Please note that your Health Coach does not replace the guidance of your doctor. Your health coach is trained to work in conjunction with your doctor and other members of you health care team in order to support you in executing your wellness plan.