Holistic Kids Program

Learning Through Play

Nutrition/Exercise/Self Care/Positive Thinking/Social Skills/Evironmental Awareness/ Mindfulness

Encouraging your child to build healthy habits now, can help her stay strong, active, self confident and happy for life.


The Holistic Kids program goes beyond just eating healthy to teaching children to take care of themselves, mind, body and spirit.


As our children learn to take care of themselves, they also gain an appreciation for the environment and for the relationships that contribute to their well-being.


Get ready for weekly lessons in Holistic Health!


Yoga Classes for Kids

Find Your Center

Calm/ Balanced/ Flexible/ Strong/ Mindful/ Confident

Come bend, stretch and play with us. Children learn yoga poses and play games that improve balance, strength, flexibility, and self-regulation. 

New! Check Out our Yoga Birthday Parties🎉