It's Time to Play With Your Food=)

 Children's Health Resources

The Holistic Kids Enrichment Program


The Holistic Kids program teaches children from age 3- 12 years old about holistic living. Children learn how to respect and care for themselves, others and the planet.  This program emphasizes the importance of eating healthy foods to keep little bodies growing big, strong and full of energy. Children learn where their food comes from and they gain an appreciation for the earth and the importance of protecting the environment.  The program also emphasizes unity and the importance of friendship and compassion. Children learn to work together and treat each other with kindness.  By enhancing health, social bonds and environmental awareness, our children learn the importance of balanced living, which helps to ensure a happier, healthier, brighter future. 



Whole Health Handbook


Start young and teach your children the healthy habits that they will carry with them into adulthood. Learn how food affects behavior and how to encourage your children to enjoy making healthy choices.  Get tips on how to keep your children active and learn how to make healthy snacks that will keep your little ones fuelled throughout the day.

Picky Eaters Program


The Whole Health PEP program is an online workshop for parents of kids who are fussy eaters. Through this program parents learn techniques to teach kids to enjoy meal time and learn to tolerate a variety of healthy foods, happily and willingly.